5 Top Reasons to Change Your Hairstyle

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Hair can be beautiful in many shapes, lengths, cuts and colours. Don’t you love the feeling you get when you try a new food that you would have normally been afraid to, and you subsequently find that you LOVE it? Following are five top reasons to change your hairstyle.



We encounter challenges, conflicts and trials every single day of our lives. While this is essential for us to grow as people, it also means that it can leave us feeling like something is missing. Maybe you missed out on a promotion at work that should have been yours, and everyone knows it. Maybe that guy you met online that you had a connection with (and who looked like Channing Tatum on his profile) showed up at the coffee shop and he looked more like Steve Urkel (Let’s face it both cute in their own right, but one is not your cup of tea). These types of experiences might leave you feeling cheated and drained from putting yourself out there, and concluding “why bother?” Once your confidence meter is sucked up dry, you kind of feel like you just want to curl up under the covers and pretend you’re not an adult anymore.


Compare this to the feeling of walking out of the salon with a new hair style that makes you feel like you just won the confidence lottery. You will most likely spend the next week or so graciously accepting compliments from other people.” Oh, how those bangs bring out your beautiful eyes.” Maybe you went a little brighter around the face with your hair colour and your friend from yoga notices. “WOW, you look like a SUPERMODEL with that red.” Okay, come on, who doesn’t want to look and feel like a supermodel?? Plus, just talking to your favourite hairstylist is a confidence booster in itself, tell them your juicy stories, you know you want to!!



Can you think of how many times you have changed your hair so far? In my experience as a stylist, women often change their hair colour at least three times a year, and cut their hair twice a year. Why do we feel we need to change our appearance so often? Well, a job change, a relationship change or even the birth of a new baby can make us feel the need to change.


Change is good, change is great! Don’t you love the way you feel when someone goes out of their way to compliment you? You may have loads of time to dedicate to your hair with mucho dollars to follow (and you have always wanted that perfect J-Lo hair so why not). Take a look at magazines, start a vision board for who you want to be now, right this minute and strive to achieve it.



It has been said that it takes only 7 seconds for people to form an impression of you. It is impossible to always be 100% put together, especially with today’s busy lifestyles. However, the right hairstyle can help reduce some of life’s daily stress. Maybe you wear a hair elastic or a scrunchy on your wrist like it is a cute hair accessory, so you can throw it up at a moment’s notice (but scrunchy’s are back in style aren’t they)?


You could be a busy sales rep that requires your hair to be picture perfect and ready to go at a moment’s notice when meeting those new clients. Perhaps you have just started a new job or you are coming back from a maternity leave. Perhaps you want to be taken more seriously and you want something a little more sophisticated. You may be running around so much with your lifestyle that you barely have time to eat, let alone sit in the salon chair. There are hairstyles for everyone so make sure to discuss your expectations with your stylist and what you would like to achieve. They will be able to give you a realistic image of what will be expected on your part to achieve your new look.



Remember that picture that you showed your stylist that you loved so much from your prom? Well, it may have looked great on you then, but may not be the best hairstyle for you now. Let’s face it, life changes and so do we. Our facial contours may have rounded or leaned out more. Our bodies change, our wardrobe changes, and our lifestyle changes.


We all aspire to have the “hairstyle dream”, a style that is “wash and go”. Sorry to be the dream squasher, but there is simply no such thing. Be honest with what you see in the mirror and examine how your hair is today, the good and the challenging parts. What do you like? What don’t you like? Is it lacking volume? Is your hairline changing? Is the texture different than it used to be? Does your hair need more fullness? Do you use salon quality products? Are you willing to look at your hair objectively?


We all have unique hair and what works for a friend or a girl in a magazine, may just not work for you. When we embrace the way things truly are we can then move forward to find something that will work for us now, and in the future.



Do you spend more time on your hair in the morning that you want?

Do you loathe blowdrying and straightening your hair for 1 hour and the need to buy 5 products to make your naturally curly hair as flat as a pancake? Well, not only it this process time consuming, it is also expensive to upkeep. Unless you are willing to use a chemical to straighten it (used by a professional of course) it takes patience and time; lots of it. If you have curly hair, embrace it, it will make your life so much easier. Finding a product for curly hair can be tricky, but they are out there.


Maybe you have naturally dark, silky straight hair and you find yourself wanting the bouncy Marilyn Monroe hair? Day in and day out putting those hot rollers in and then waiting 30 more minutes, only for the curls to fall out of the style within the hour before you even get to work. Marilyn had chemically lightened hair and a team of experts taking care of her locks.


Don’t we all appreciate it when someone says “Ooo, you look AMAZING??” When we find a hairstyle that does that, shouldn’t that mean we stick with it for the next 10 years and make it easy for ourselves? No, that’s like going to a restaurant and ordering the same yam fries over and over again. Maybe next time ask for “spicy yam fries”!


Ask your hairstylist to provide you with suggestions; you may be surprised with what they say. Communicate honestly with your stylist. What are you willing to do to achieve it? I hope this article gave you something to think about next time you book your appointment. If you don’t have a stylist that will be honest with you and you need a change, contact Deserey at the Pin Up Hair Boutique in Port Moody.

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