HOW to Protect Your Hair While on a Sunny Vacation

Let’s face it, we are all excited when the day comes that we are getting
ready for our long-awaited, sunny vacation. We pack for the kids, the
family pet, and careful not to forget our favourite bathing suit that makes
us feel “oh so good”. There is something that a lot of people forget about,
their HAIR. Sun and water can be damaging, leading to faded hair colour,
split ends and a brittle, dry texture. A lot can go wrong, your hair colour is
such an investment. Hopping in that beautiful teal-coloured pool, the
chlorine can just strip your hair’s natural oils right out of the hair and cause
it to look dull and dehydrated, not to mention the hair fades quite quickly.

Confused? So, what do you do? That is why I am here to help!!
It all starts in the shower, you need a “Hydrating shampoo and
conditioner”. I LOVE the “MALIBU Swimmers wellness shampoo and
conditioner.” It is 100% vegan, free of Sulfates, Parabens and Gluten. It
has organic aloe that dramatically restores radiant shine and vibrant

Secondly, after the shower, you will need some leave-in conditioner/
detangler on your hair. I like to use the“OSIS Prime prep spray” that has
UV protection on my clients with brunette or Red hair colours.
I like to use the “BLONDEME anti-yellowing colour correction leave-in
spray”on my blondes to prevent the hair colour from going too brassy.

Thirdly, you need a comb that is gentle to comb out your hair. In my
experience, the best type of comb to use is a “Friction-free comb.” I
personally like the comb from the brand “cricket” ( this normally retails for
under $9.99). These are wide tooth combs that are gentle on the hair, since
hair is most fragile when it’s wet, don’t rip a brush through it after

Spritz your hair down.

Spray some water on your hair before you go into
the pool or ocean. Or you can use your leave-in conditioner. It adds an
extra layer of coating, so when you go swimming, your hair isn’t as likely to
absorb all of the chlorinated water. If you’re starting out with dry blonde
hair, there’s a good chance it will be green by the end of the summer.
Unless that is the “look” you are going for, let’s keep your blonde hair
looking bright.

Choose strong hair elastics.

Summer heat practically demands we throw
our hair back, and a ponytail with no part can even protect the scalp from
exposure to the sun. The problem is that pulling it too tight can cause hair
to break — or just “snap the hair off”, particularly if it’s already dry. Pulling
your hair back when it’s wet is even more damaging. Aim for loose buns,
braids and ponytails, and let your hair down before going to sleep at night.
Alternate the way you put it up, too – tie it low one day, high another and
to the side the next. That way, you’re not always stressing the same

Wear a head accessory.

It’s one of the best ways to protect your hair
from the sun’s rays. And if that baseball cap is killing your look? Get a
turban. Cool, printed turbans are very effortless and very chic. You could
also opt for a scarf, a wide-brim floppy hat or a cowboy hat. Keep in mind
that the sun can shine through certain straw hats, so it’s still smart to wear
a protective product underneath.
So, there you have it, my list of faves for you to pack on your next sunny
vacation. Let’s treat our hair like we want to be treated, loved.

Want a few more tips? Contact our hair stylist Deserey for your next hair appointment

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