A New Hair Cut Will Change Your Life


There is no denying that a haircut can change not just your look, but your life. A great haircut
can make you look younger, edgier, prettier, smarter, and sexier. It can be a way of showcasing
a major weight loss, new job or even a divorce! I mean, what says “look at me now” more than
getting rid of the old and bringing in the new!!

One of my favourite quotes is “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” –Coco Chanel

Scared? Don’t be- it is just hair, right? How do you know if you like something if you haven’t tried
it? I see all types of clients: executives, stay-at-home parents, labourers, you name it. What do
all these groups of people have in common? They want to be NOTICED and they want to FEEL
GREAT. How do they do this? Get a great haircut with these few steps.:

BE TRULY HONEST. If your stylist asks you how are you willing to style your hair, please don’t
lie. Not only will you be disappointed when you go home to “wash and go” (when you know that
the style that you chose requires blowing the hair out smooth). You look in the mirror after and
what should look like Beyonce’s full-volume, bouncy mane looks more like you stuck your hair in
a light socket. The stylist wants you to go home and be able to do what they did for you. You are
are a walking advertisement for them. Some haircuts require more maintenance than others, so
choose something that is ideal for your lifestyle.

BE OPEN TO CHANGE. Do you want to look at old pictures of yourself and think, “Wow, I look
the SAME…WHAT YEAR WAS THAT?” Sure, we all don’t want to show aging, but we don’t
want to be stuck in a time warp either!! Also, what is the worst that can happen? Did you cut it
too short? Well, now you know that you prefer a certain length. It is just hair, thank goodness
that it grows and we can change it.

BE AWARE OF THE STYLING TIPS. There is nothing worse than having a great haircut and
loving the style so much that the next morning you have styling amnesia. Pay attention to what
the stylist does. If you aren’t sure how to achieve the look, just ask questions. A great stylist will
explain HOW to style the hair while they are doing it. This will alleviate frustration and help the
client feel confident in the process. Practice makes perfect!

BE A PRODUCT CLIENT . There is not one haircut in the world that does not require a product
( unless you are living on a deserted island and a turtle is your only friend). In that case, he
won’t care if you have a messy head of hair. If you don’t want to put a product in your hair,
you don’t know what your are missing!! Your haircut may look “okay” and then BAM! FABULOUS by only
adding a simple product or two. Don’t know which one to use? Ask your stylist, they will be
happy to suggest something for you.

BE BRAVE. Do you feel like there are just so many options out there? Is it hard for you to pick
a photo to show a stylist? Even hair stylists sometimes feel this way about their own hair and
just simply ask “how would YOU change my hair?”. See what they say, you may be surprised at
what they come up with. A stylist is there to look at your hair, your bone structure, and then use their
creative eye to come up with something you may have not have thought of. The next time you are in the
chair, maybe just ask. Come on….BE BRAVE!!

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