Refresh Your Look with an Updo

Is winter getting you down? How about an Updo to refresh your look and add some spark to your day?

When most people think of Updos they immediately think of special and elaborate hair styling that is done for special events such as a wedding or prom. However, they do not have to be just for special events such as weddings. They can be used to add some pizazz to your hair for work or for everyday living. Why not spice up your personal and professional life with hair care that goes beyond ordinary?

Ballet buns and chic braids can make others take notice. So will chignons for more formal events. These hair care styles can be applied to a variety of different lengths of hair. They can take the form of long sleek designs to something more modern and edgy with a few random pieces to complement the overall swagger of the look.

Have you ever noticed how Updos line the red carpet for Hollywood’s glamorous awards ceremonies? Styles such as faux bobs and low knots join the parade of old Hollywood styles and timeless looks. They can be seem together with the latest creations from the high end fashion world. Some of these creations offer a symmetrical look while others flow off the crown at a variety of angles. Others show fullness on one side and may contain a deep side part that lines up with a brow.

Some of the more effective Updos fall in between casual and fancy. They are easily done and they do not require an inordinate amount of time or skill to create. You can, of course, go beyond ordinary and go a bit further with the design and incorporate much more precise styling and more elaborate techniques.

Even a fairly basic Updo arrangement can be made to look elegant and chic. For the most part, Updos are only limited by your imagination and the ability of your stylist to replicate your vision. Braids can be intricate or fairly basic. Either way they can add a lot to your overall image and impression. Forward looking or retro? Soft and flowing or hard and sharp lines? Which way will you go?

Make an appointment with Deserey and ask her to create an Updo just for you. Visit our Port Moody hair stylist and discuss spring looks and trends along with your desire for a new fresh look to take you out of the winter blues and into spring with your hair care.

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