To Bob or not to Bob

Deserey Showing the Bob measurement

Most women all have an “I hate my hair so I am going to chop it off” moment. When it comes to how you look it is generally best not to make a rash decision when it comes to your hair, especially since it is the first thing people see to create an impression of you.


The “Bob” is a favourite go-to style for celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna as well as regular everyday women like you and me. This has been the case for some time now. It is versatile, low-maintenance, and it always looks super cool and fresh. All face shapes work well with some type of bob. Your hair type and face shape will determine whether or not a shorter or longer bob works best. There is one simple rule to follow when asking yourself which length of Bob suits you best.


Have you heard of the 2.25 inch rule? John Frieda is the master British celebrity hairstylist behind this theory. The theory requires that you measure the angle of your jaw line to determine whether longer or shorter hair will suit you best. The first thing you will need is a ruler and a pencil. Place the pencil under your chin horizontally and the ruler under your ear vertically. The intersection of the pencil and the ruler is the measurement. If the pencil’s tip points to less than a measurement of 2.25 inches, shorter hair is a great option for you. If the measurement is greater than 2.25 inches, then longer hair is a more flattering option for you. If the measurement is right on 2.25 inches then either option can work well for you.


I took on this challenge myself and my results were 2.25 inches on the money. This is excellent news, since I have been sporting a long bob (Lob) for the last several months. This is also exciting as I have been feeling the urge to cut my hair quite a bit shorter for the spring. How did you do?


The next time that you are thinking “to bob or not to bob” contact Deserey and book an appointment with her at the Pin Up Hair Boutique and ask her for advice on a change in hairstyle.


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