Why Highlighting Your Own Hair Can Snap Back at You

We have all done it, sometimes big and sometimes small, we have all told that little white lie. Regardless of the reason, never EVER lie to your hairstylist about your hair, you aren’t doing yourself any favours. You may think, “so I tried to highlight my own hair, so what!.” Here are some things that you should know about hair. It is almost summer time, you want a little extra money for that vacation coming up so you can buy yourself a new outfit to go with that great tan you will get. You cancel that appointment with your stylist and decide to pick up a cheap box of “highlight your own hair” spray at the drug store and you apply it. How hard can highlighting your own hair be? You are so excited and think to yourself “Oh my, I am getting a deal! I can save $150 on my hair this month and do it myself!” The bottle says “simply spray and let it sit”. You spray away and hope for the golden highlights to just appear. After you wash and dry it, it feels REALLY really dry. It isn’t as light as you had hoped, so your spray on some more and head to the beach. After a long day, you come home and look in the mirror and it is lighter, it’s not like your stylist does, but it will do.You slap some conditioner on and say, “oh well, my hairdresser will fix it next time.”

Let me let you in on a little secret, spray in lightener products destroys the hair. There is something in the combination of ingredients in those products that reacts to the lightener that your hairstylist uses that cause the hair to literally SNAP off. Most people who buy these products are looking for that sun-kissed, bright and somewhat “beachy” look, but the truth is, you get what you pay for! These products are cheap alternative to professional highlights, and a quicker alternative to laying out in the sun for hours as the sun lightens the hair. This product was originally designed for already light or blonde hair. This may not even work for your hair type, and it may cause irreversible damage. When you go to your hairstylist, it is more than “just getting highlights.” You are paying them for their experience and knowledge and to give you the best highlights they can knowing what your end result is. You trust they will keep your hair in the best condition and give you the knowledge you need to take care of your hair and be honest with you about your expectations.

You book in 8 weeks later and simply tell your hairstylist that you saw another friend that is going to hair school and hope she understands and just does your hair and that’s it. Besides the obvious part that that your hair looks lighter, and your stylist knows that they didn’t do your hair, there is no way of knowing that a spray hair lightening product was used unless you TELL YOUR STYLIST. She puts the foils in like usual, while being careful to not overlap and notices that the packs get hot and puffy within minutes and checks on them. She opens them up and gasps. She immediately rinses and notices tons of hair is coming out. Well, my friends, that is because the product that you used at home had a fight with the lightener and kicked it’s butt so hard that the hair with the fresh lightener is now in the sink…detached from your head. Now what? Well, now the stylist is confused and freaking out and so are you. Your hairstylist has taken care of your hair for so many appointments that she has NO IDEA what could have happened. After combing the hair and rinsing, you both go back to the mirror to assess the damage. Your hair went from below shoulder, to random spots of hair that is only 2” from the scalp. You then let her in on your little secret. What was learned from this? Just tell her the truth and then the hair could have been assessed before hand to test if the hair could handle being lightened. Well, not only did the client have to cut her hair way shorter, to try and disguise the irreversible damage. Now, colouring the hair is going to be off limits for a long time until the at-home spray lightening product is grown out.

Your hairstylist is there to do your hair for you It is their job, and what they produce is their pride and joy. It is only fair that you are always honest with your stylist. If you should find yourself wanted to save money, ask if there is another way of highlighting the hair that works more for you and your budget, or wait a few more weeks until you can afford it. Do you want your hair to literally “snap back at you?” I think not. Next time you reach for that bottle of “do-it yourself highlight spray”, think about this story and just don’t do it.

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